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Risers have flooring on them and Joe is down painting the bases this am and doing one under the south front window.  To our dismay we found out the lamppost won’t fit in front window so back to the drawing board on that.  Rick and I semi origanized the store room.  Numerical order was not […]


Joe and Dale Masden and Ron Mccrary, Carpenter extraordinare built all 5 risers yesterday.  Need to paint bases yet.  Ryan got more carpet tiles to view  and the liability insurance is now active.  We’re down there this am if you want to see Stop by and bug us.  Joyce


What an awesome crowd we had last night.  Every hand was busy from dusting to making signs.  I couldn’t believe what we accomplished.  We now have show cases in, storage shelving setup and all the boxes of the inventory moved from Minnis as well as windows washed, floors swept again and boxes on the new […]


Regular meeting will be held Tuesday May 2, 2017. Time:  6:30 pm Where:  104 N main Museum of Ellinwood Short regular meeting to organize and update you all on the work night etc. If you can’t lift etc  COME ANY WAY we have signs to work on and other sit down jobs  Plus you are missed […]


The painting is finished!!  Well except for touch ups here and there.  Friday evening:  5pm meet at museum to take up tile that over carpet.  Then we will vacuum carpet and scrub tile in bathroom and back hall, kitchen and media room and probably give it a light wax.  Hope you can help.  Bring your beverage of […]


We need to paint trim!  After the walls were done the trim looks so worn and drab we decided to do it too.  We will paint at 5pm tonight.  Can’t paint come see what’s been done.  Looks so different and clean and bright!!    We checked out the carpet in about 15 different places and it is in good […]


Well Bless my husband he decided he will paint Wed. until noon or a little later.  We won’t paint wed. eve as Tues eve plans got changed.  Progress today 1.  south wall has 2 coats of paint and looks good,  2.  Backwall on South side and middle wall and media room have one coat as do the […]