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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

    Special thanks to Museum of Ellinwood and Ellinwood Community Historical Society patron, Marlin Bryant, for donating these photographic documentations of Neighbors helping Neighbors. These photographs depict the generous spirit of Ellinwood, Kansas, and the hard work and dedication of the early farmers who helped establish our rural community. Marlin writes, “Attached are the […]

John R Ellinwood (1838-1909)

Born in Vermont and son of a nurseryman, John R. Ellinwood was one of the earliest Santa Fe Railroad builders while serving as assistant Chief Engineer under T. J. Peter.  In 1868/1869 Ellinwood began working the line from North Topeka to Carbondale, Illinois where work stopped for a time.  Ellinwood was actually in charge of […]

The Duck Man of Ellinwood

For years, he was called the “Duck Man.” In 1923, Frank Robl of Ellinwood started banding birds — ducks and geese that he found at Cheyenne Bottoms. It was a hobby. He had a farm on the south shore of what was then called Cheyenne Swamp, now Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Management Area. It is the […]


Risers have flooring on them and Joe is down painting the bases this am and doing one under the south front window.  To our dismay we found out the lamppost won’t fit in front window so back to the drawing board on that.  Rick and I semi origanized the store room.  Numerical order was not […]


Joe and Dale Masden and Ron Mccrary, Carpenter extraordinare built all 5 risers yesterday.  Need to paint bases yet.  Ryan got more carpet tiles to view  and the liability insurance is now active.  We’re down there this am if you want to see Stop by and bug us.  Joyce


What an awesome crowd we had last night.  Every hand was busy from dusting to making signs.  I couldn’t believe what we accomplished.  We now have show cases in, storage shelving setup and all the boxes of the inventory moved from Minnis as well as windows washed, floors swept again and boxes on the new […]