Risers have flooring on them and Joe is down painting the bases this am and doing one under the south front window.  To our dismay we found out the lamppost won’t fit in front window so back to the drawing board on that.  Rick and I semi origanized the store room.  Numerical order was not possible so we went with whatever fit on the shelf available.  All boxes are on shelves and neat.  Manniquins are assembled and in that room too.  I will go down later and put 3 more items in there and add a work table. Went thru pictures we will want to put out for After hours next Friday.  City brought down the file cabinet, parlor stove, and x-mas tree so those are put away also.  Still need to mop utility room and wax, Move kitchen sink and mop and wax that floor.  We are still waiting bid on electric work for lights.
  The committee for after hours has things under control.  They may need some cookie so if you can help them call Joan Roth or Heather Dumbroski.  Stop past too see progress.  We may need help next week to put up a few things and tables for Friday Night.  Joyce


Joe and Dale Masden and Ron Mccrary, Carpenter extraordinare built all 5 risers yesterday.  Need to paint bases yet.  Ryan got more carpet tiles to view  and the liability insurance is now active.  We’re down there this am if you want to see Stop by and bug us.  Joyce


What an awesome crowd we had last night.  Every hand was busy from dusting to making signs.  I couldn’t believe what we accomplished.  We now have show cases in, storage shelving setup and all the boxes of the inventory moved from Minnis as well as windows washed, floors swept again and boxes on the new shelving.  Our to do list is getting shorter–still have to move a sink so we  have another storage area, electrical work, risers to build and install and the av room to carpet,  Then we’re ready to start the displays.  the After Hours chamber committee have their plans made.  Joe will be calling some of you to help him build the risers.  If you are talented with a hammer and saw and he doesn’t know it give him a call.  there are five to build and install.  I will schedule some times to organize the shelving and books, scrubbing and waxing the three back rooms, installing a coat rack and moving the sink.  we will also need some help to move other items from the storage building.  I let you know when we have things scheduled and hopefully you all can help.  It takes a TEAM to get and keep this going!!  Thanks to all!!! Joyce
NEXT EVENT!!  MAY 19 at 5:30pm at Museum for a Chamber After Hours!  You all invited