Regular meeting will be held Tuesday May 2, 2017.
Time:  6:30 pm
Where:  104 N main Museum of Ellinwood
Short regular meeting to organize and update you all on the work night etc.
If you can’t lift etc  COME ANY WAY we have signs to work on and other sit down jobs  Plus you are missed when your not there and we want you to see and enjoy our new space.  Painting is done except for touch ups, carpet is cleaned and looks surprisingly good.  Bathroom is all cleaned (needs some decorations)  the store room is tiled with the salvaged tile. We will move show cases Tuesday eve with help from some high school volunteers.  they will need polished up and glass cleaned.
We will move boxes from Minnis’s and they will be put on shelves in numerical order so will need some to keep us in line (sit down job)  Will need some one to hold front door and back doors open.  All help will be appreciated.  See you Tuesday eve.  Joyce


The painting is finished!!  Well except for touch ups here and there.  Friday evening:  5pm meet at museum to take up tile that over carpet.  Then we will vacuum carpet and scrub tile in bathroom and back hall, kitchen and media room and probably give it a light wax.  Hope you can help.  Bring your beverage of choice, a putty knife, gloves.  We will need 2 vacuums.  Let me know if you are bringing one so we don’t get too many there.  Also need at least 3 scrub buckets with mops.  I’ll get cleaner to add to buckets and wax.  We may clean carpet that night also but may wait if it gets too late.  We will also need some big boxes to toss tile in.  Probably need linoleum knives or exacto knives.  You guys won’t believe the difference the paint has made.  We will have plans of the layout for the building there too.  Hope  you can help.  If not Joe need carpentry help next week to build risers  so call him and let him know.  Cell phone 620-617-5599.  Joyce


No painting Tuesday,  Wednesday we will start about 9:30am and at 5p.m we maybe ready to remove tile.  I’ll let you know what we’ll be doing at 5 later.  Joyce


We need to paint trim!  After the walls were done the trim looks so worn and drab we decided to do it too.  We will paint at 5pm tonight.  Can’t paint come see what’s been done.  Looks so different and clean and bright!!    We checked out the carpet in about 15 different places and it is in good condition but needs cleaning.  So we will schedule that next.  Prices for window tinting  are coming in,  Finally found (Thanks to Chris M) he will come by this eve to check out situation and give bid maybe it will be better than the last. We need to build display platforms.  Could Use some Carpenter volunteers.  Let Joe know if you can help him.  Light have arrived.  We are starting to design first display if you have design experience Call Me!!   I’ll explain.  Remember We wiill have work night next meeting in May  We would like to start at 6:30pm.  Is that possible??
Can you tell I am excited !!! Joyce


Happy Easter  !!  Walls are painted.  We have to paint trim.  So will let you know next weeks schedule later.  Joyce


We will paint Thurs am about 9 we have the North wall to give a first coat and touch ups in media room and look at color for the brown.  Joyce


Well Bless my husband he decided he will paint Wed. until noon or a little later.  We won’t paint wed. eve as Tues eve plans got changed.  Progress today
1.  south wall has 2 coats of paint and looks good, 
2.  Backwall on South side and middle wall and media room have one coat as do the North window  walls.  They will probably need another coat.  Hopefully get this done on Wed.
3.  Thursday is up in the air.  Its holy Thursday and I don’t know that people want to miss services if you have evening ones.  Let me know you wishes ???? Maybe could do some am and early afternoon. I think from Thurs on we will observe Easter as it is the holiest time of the year for most everyone.
4.  After washing up the brown painted areas and having big pieces come off I think it will be necessary to comeback with one coat.  Joe will try to find a close match to the existing paint.
Let me know if the above is ok and if you can help .Wed am.  Joyce


We accomplished lots yesterday.  Joe will be down at the building at 9:00 if you’d like to help or stop by and just see the plans.  Had a few community people stop by to see what was happening.  Everyone very excited.  Hope you can help even if you just wipe up our drips it helps.  We will not paint this evening.  We think things will need to dry.  I’ll send out message about Wed activities.  Joyce


We had a great meeting Monday. A nice crowd for a great program.  We have talented people in Ellinwood and Robin Gray is one of them.  She has done a wonderful job with Kent and Joan Roth’s 1910 German Feather tree.  She made a small feather tree and gave it to the historical society.  It will be great at Christmas.
We discussed the museum. Got many great ideas and questions from you all.  Many minds make for a great outcome.  We will have a after hour chamber coffee on May 19th at 5:30 pm at the New Museum 104 N. Main.  We want to show the community the building before were finished with it to enlist their input and help (financially and physically). 
 Heather Dumbraski is in charge of the committee to get this together.  Please give her your help if she needs it.  We will have a work session at the museum at 104 N Main for our May 2, 2017 meeting.  Hope you can be there  Joyce


Joe’s on a roll guys so hang on!!  He will be down at the building Thurs. April 6 at 9 am to start the process by wiping down walls and mop boards and then vaccuming the floor and maybe moping.  If anyone wants to help call, email or just show up. Bring a mop, extra bucket, and a long handled ceiling or wall duster if  you have.  I have a couple and he will bring those.  I will get some kind of cleaner for floor.
 He would like to start painting Monday about 9.  we would like to do an evening session also but the lighting isn’t updated yet so kind of dark but if any one has spot lights that plugin we could do an evening session starting about 5:30.  Let ne know about spots and I will let everybody know if there is a evening session.
 If you have paint pans, brushes, or rollers bring them.  We”ll get rags.  If you have an extra ladder bring that too.
I am excited and can’t wait to see the progress!!!!  Hope you are too.   Joyce