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Welcome to the all new (and old) Ellinwood historical society website and blog.  Here we will be posting the latest news, society info, projects, and the amazing history of Ellinwood.  With a wealth of history, the society aims to educate, inspire, and cultivate the imagination of the past.  A rich history and an even richer future will bring the ghosts of the past into the focus.

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    ROGER RINGER says:

    I am looking for information on the Ellinwood Disc Sled Company owned by Joseph Schermully. The company was moved to Wichita. I need the story on the man and the company while it was in Ellinwood. A note on your website some of the text is coming up in another language and the contact is so faint I did not see it for a while.

    • ellinwoodhistoricalsociety
      ellinwoodhistoricalsociety says:

      Sorry to just now be seeing your comment. We have quite a bit of work to do on the website, thanks for letting us know.
      I can forward your inquiry in the next meeting and see if we can find some information for you. Please allow several days. Thanks again!!


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