Wolf Hotel

The Wolf Hotel was built in 1894 by John Wolf as an addition to the Delmonico Hotel which would have stood just north of the building which is now the Sunflower Bank parking lot. The addition added several rooms to the Hotel along with a new lobby, underground stores and the Bank of Ellinwood. The Bank was the last to open due to intricate tile work being laid. The lobby sat on the east side of the building and the bank sat on the west. Downstairs, which was part of the underground tunnel system that ran through Ellinwood, were the Drummer’s room and Joe’s Snack Counter. The downstairs changed many times becoming Weber’s Sample Room, the library, a gym and another underground bar and cards room. The downstairs still houses the first air conditoner in Barton County. Fred Wolf, John Wolf’s son, added on the Sunflower Dining room in 1924. The Sunflower dining room was a prestigious restaurant that attracted people from many places with its amber lighting and wheat shock columns. The Wolf Hotel has been home to many businesses throughout the years. For the past thirty plus years it has been an antique store, until Christopher McCord purchased the building in 2013 in order to restore it to original purpose.

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We want to especially thank Christopher McCord, Kelli Penner, and to all the other volunteers, staff, and people who support The Wolf Hotel. THANK YOU for being an integral part of historic preservation and education in our community.