FFA Students with Bob Dole, 1970s Era.
From Left to Right: V. Robl, Bob Dole, Keith Miller

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Barton County's First Christmas Tree

“On the night of December 24, 1874, Ellinwood had the first Christmas tree in Barton County. It occurred somewhat after this manner: Our town, being so fortunate as to have five or ten of the most wide-awake, go-ahead ladies to be found in…

The Duck Man of Ellinwood

For years, he was called the “Duck Man.” In 1923, Frank Robl of Ellinwood started banding birds — ducks and geese that he found at Cheyenne Bottoms. It was a hobby. He had a farm on the south shore of what was then called Cheyenne…
City of Ellinwood Ks

Our New Website

Welcome to the new Ellinwood historical society website and blog.  Here we will be posting the latest news, society info, projects, and the amazing history of Ellinwood.  With a wealth of history, the society aims to educate, inspire, and…
Ellinwood church Kansas History

Sts. Peter and Paul Church

Sts. Peter and Paul Church Honor Award for Excellence in Reconstruction Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Ellinwood (Barton County) The St. Peter and Paul Church was originally built in 1892, replacing the original wood frame church…

Wolf Hotel

The Wolf Hotel was built in 1894 by John Wolf as an addition to the Delmonico Hotel which would have stood just north of the building which is now the Sunflower Bank parking lot. The addition added several rooms to the Hotel along with a new…